AleAle™ is czech company founded in 1999. Joyfull and unique creations crafted by designer Alena Chládková and her husband Alex Chládek. AleAle jewelry is made exclusively out of AleAle artisan lampwork glass beads combined with sterling silver.Unique design with thousand years old craft tradition, this is AleAle.

The brand AleAle originated from the names Alena and Alex :). It is a family business based on top design and excellent craftsmanship of individual beads, which are created in the heat of a glass burner and than completed into jewelry combined with sterling silver.

Alena sensitively translates her unique into her work. She is inspired mostly by nature, architecture, art, music and sometimes even by dreams.

She likes to create jewelry for her customers in a way that they complement and underline their personality and beauty, what is also very important for her is, that they are pleasant to wear.

The lampwork technique has been known for at least 3000 years. The oldest beads made by this technique were made in ancient Egypt.

It is interesting that not far from the place where AleAle is located, were found several about 2000 years old Celtic jewelry made by this ancient method. The Celts acquired their skills from the Egyptians and than nations from Middle East region, from whom they bought glass material in the form of ingots.

Alena makes full use of the skills that this oldest glass technique offers and also likes to find new possibilities.

Alex helps with the production of jewelry, complements them with hand-made silver components, beside that he creates his own original clay and wooden sculptures.

We are really enjoying to create together under AleAle trademark and are happy, that according to your kind responses this satisfaction is mutual.

We are in Cartonville, famous french bedekr